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3 days ago

Cafe Old Vienna


with Accordionist Mr JOE
this Thursday & Friday Night (2. & 3. JULY 2020)


We will be CLOSED on JULY 2020

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with Accordionist Mr JOE
this Thursday & Friday Night (2. & 3. JULY 2020)


We will be CLOSED on JULY 2020


Comment on Facebook *** LIVE MUSIC with...

It was great Saturday night, as usual!!

1 week ago

Cafe Old Vienna

Joe is back!!! Live Music tonight and Saturday night 👏🏻🎶🎵🎶🎵 ... See MoreSee Less

Joe is back!!! Live Music tonight and Saturday night 👏🏻🎶🎵🎶🎵

2 weeks ago

Cafe Old Vienna

Here is a controversial topic, Schnitzel “Hawai” !?!?
It reminds me to Pizza with Pineapple topping, what is a NO for me, but my Wife loves it !
Would that be an idea for a Spezial ? Please let us know in the comments !!
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Here is a controversial topic, Schnitzel “Hawai” !?!?
It reminds me to Pizza with Pineapple topping, what is a NO for me, but my Wife loves it !
Would that be an idea for a Spezial ? Please let us know in the comments !!

Comment on Facebook Here is a ...


Well, Martina makes the best strudel on the planet, so I trust her opinion... I'll try it lol!

Everything is always fabulous, so yes I would try it ❤

My mom makes this all the time except with grilled chicken and heavy cream in a casserole. We are Hungarians and this combination was very popular in the 70-80 in Hungary.

Pork and pineapple are good together 😋

No, I like pineapple but not on schnitzel or pizza.

May be just in different presentation 🤣 but that sounds delicious to me

No...I like Hawaiian pizza, but this is wrong!

No! That and pineapple on pizza. They are both wrong.

No - definitely no - and no to pineapple on pizza too!! PS My Omi would start ranting if she saw this .... she made the best schnitzel ever!!

Looks delicious. I’d try it.

Sounds good to me. I love Hawaiian pizza. I’d try it!

Looks yum to me, pepperoni and pineapple might be good too.

Hawaii toast is what my german wife calls it

I would try it

No thank you!

No thanks.

Oh yes Please!

I'll pass

Happy wife happy life but from me it's a hard NO


Pizza Hawaii ( only one I will eat), Toast Hawaii, I grew up on. Going to make that Schnitzel! ❤️


That looks awesome!

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3 weeks ago

Cafe Old Vienna

CafeOldVienna Dessert Heaven ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 120722471276906_3558323460850106

Be there tomorrow!

Love snitzel & apple strudel. One of favorite restaurants.

We will be there the last week of July! Can't wait to eat there! 😋👍😋

This Looks So Good

Black Forest Cake.....yum!!!!!!

👍👍 German Choc Cake 😋😋


Das ist 👍 Auswahl! Schade dass ihr so weit seid 😢 😘



Lacey Autumn Harris We always forget this place! Gotta try it.

Absolutely! Great fun, great food, and great service!❤️

Looks delicious!!

Fabulous restaurant! Ck

The apple strudel is delish

I can never get past the apple strudel!

Juliana Juelz Chavez

My favorite restaurant in Myrtle Beach!

See u in September! Great Food & Service!❤️

Coming this weekend. I see you won't be open Sunday or Monday but I'm leaving Tuesday and plan on stopping. Never been but I hope you'll still have the banana for lunch time.


Sieht Alles echt gut aus , die Sachertorte überhaupt! Muss Ich bald mal probieren💕

Oh Aaron Wells!!

How much s the Black Forest Cake per slice?

Schwarzwälder Kirsch!!!!

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Comment on Facebook 120722471276906_3532548063427646

0. I eat pretty much anything that won’t eat me first.

2 points. Raw fish and tofu

7, just not a big meat, oyster and snail eater 😊😬

1: Raw fish

1...raw fish

1 snails 🐌

Only 9

1- ketchup 🤮

2 raw fish & snails. Tried both and didn’t enjoy.

Only #15 - SNAILS

Oysters & snails &not sushi & I don’t care for raw tuna sandwich I ordered & thought it was a tuna fish salad sandwich 😂.

10 (raw fish, snails, tofu, zucchini, bell peppers, asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms, olives, yogurt). And yes, I’ve tried all except snails & tofu and don’t plan to either. I’ll also add clams, mussels, scallops and and several other items.

2-Raw fish and tofu. Everything else, all good!

7 items, all seafood.

2 - oysters and snails

I ate everything and will again!

I don’t see beets. I hate beets.

Lettuce not lettuse

No points this round

For me it is a solid 1 ! My culinary school teacher in Austria forced me to eat Snails, from that moment I just can’t !!

I strongly dislike brussel sprouts and I do not care for white chocolate but, other than that, I eat everything on that list!😋

I eat pretty much everything. If I hadn’t I’d still be at the dining room table 70 later.....



All are fine by me. There are a few I’d add that would challenge a few people.

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         (Gluten-free Menu on the bottom)       


           LUNCH: Tuesday – Saturday 11:30 am – 2:30 pm

              DINNER: Tuesday – Saturday 5 pm – 8:30’ish


 CLOSED on Sundays & Mondays


Appetizers & Soup

Please, ask for our daily fresh home-made soup

Cup (as Appetizer) $ 3.95,   (as Lunch) $ 5.50

Bowl (as Appetizer) $ 4.95,   (as Lunch) $ 6.50

Green Salad fresh romaine hearts with tomatoes & cucumbers, topped with

bacon & roasted almonds, dressings: Honey-vinaigrette, Ranch or 1000-Island)

$ 3.95   ($ 5.95 Green Salad as Lunch)


(all of the salads are served with bread & butter)

 House Salad our tomato-cucumber & potato salads & romaine hearts,

Swiss cheese & roasted almonds

(LARGE)$ 10.95                 (Small) $ 8.95

Grilled Chicken Salad ( also breaded avail.) chicken breast over romaine hearts  & potato salad, surrounded by Tomato/Cucumber slices, choice of dressing: Honey-vinaigrette, 1000-Island or Ranch or Garlic Dressing

$ 12.95

Fitness Salad Romaine Hearts over some Potato Salad, Topped with

    Grilled or Breaded Grouper(also Flounder avail.),

surrounded by Tomato/Cucumber slices, choice of dressing:

Honey-Vinaigrette, 1000-Island or Ranch or Garlic Dressin

  $ 13.95

Fish & Chips breaded Grouper Fingers served with French Fries

 & Green Salad and homemade Garlic Sauce

$ 13.95

Veggie Plate variation of fresh vegetables, Home-fries, Red

Cabbage & Butter-Spaetzle(noodles) & Sunny Side-Up-Egg on top

$ 12.95

Lunch Favorites

Original Veal-Wiener Schnitzel breaded VEAL

cutlet served with your choice of 2 Sides

 +cranberry sauce, bread & butter incl.

$ 14.95

Chicken Schnitzel breaded chicken breast with

 Your choice of 2 Sides

 +cranberry sauce, bread & butter incl.

$ 13.95

Grilled Pork Shanks 2 tender grilled BONE IN pork shanks

 served with 3 sides: Red Cabbage + Home-fries + Spaetzle/Gravy

$ 15 .95


(All of our Sandwiches are served with either Trio-Salad

(tomato/cucumber- Potato-salads) or French Fries or Spaetzle/Gravy)


Grouper Sandwich Gr. Grouper Filet on French bread

With Homemade Garlic Sauce & Lettuce

$ 12.95

 Vienna Chicken Sandwich (served on 7-grain Bread or French Bread), almond breaded

chicken breast topped with  Ham & melted Swiss Cheese, mayo & lettuce

$ 10.95

Schnitzel Sandwich breaded pork loin on

 French bread. Fresh lettuce & little mayo

$ 9.95

Bavarian Bratwurst Sandwich grilled Bratwurst topped with

 Sauerkraut & Swiss Cheese – served over French bread with mayo

$ 9.95

Baguette a la Provence French bread topped with thin sliced Ham, mayo,

 Tomato slices, melted Swiss & Brie Cheese & Herbs de Provence

$ 9.95             

 Melted Cheese Sandwich 7-grain bread open faced, topped with

 melted Swiss & Brie Cheese, cranberry sauce

$ 9.55

Flounder Sandwich lightly breaded or grilled Flounder

served in French Bread, with homemade Garlic Sauce & Lettuce

$ 10.95

Grilled Sandwiches

Vienna Ruben toasted Multi-Grain-Bread filled with turkey pastrami, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese & 1000-Island

$ 11.95

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich toasted Multi-Grain-Bread

 filled with Ham, choice: Swiss or American Cheese

$ 8.95

Veggie Panini  toasted Multi-Grain-Bread filled with tomato-,

onion- & cucumber -slices, mayo, ranch, choice: American or Swiss Cheese

$ 8.55

 Lunch Entrees 


Original Veal-Wiener Schnitzel breaded Veal cutlet served

with Your choice of 2 Sides + Cranberry Sauce on side

$ 14.95

Pork Wiener Schnitzel breaded PORK loin + 2 Sides & Cranberry Sauce

$ 13.95

Pork Cordon Bleu breaded pork loin filled with Ham & Swiss Cheese,

with Your choice of 2 Sides + Cranberry Sauce on side

$ 14.95

Chicken Cordon Bleu Breaded or Grilled chicken breast topped with Turkey Pastrami,

Swiss Cheese, with Your choice of 2 Sides + Cranberry Sauce on side

$ 14.95

Jaeger-Schnitzel breaded PORK loin

Served with mushroom gravy, Spaetzle & Red Cabbage

$ 14.95

Farmer’s Schnitzel breaded PORK loin Served with brown

gravy, Sunny Side Up Egg + Capers & Side Spaetzle & Vegetables

$ 14.95

Grilled Chicken Breast served over homemade mushroom sauce

with spaetzle (noodles) & vegetables (or plain with Garlic-Butter available)

$ 13.95(with Garlic-Butter)  or  $ 14.95 (with mushroom sauce)

Weisswurst 2 piece of fresh boiled Veal Sausages (German Specialty)

 with Potato Salad & Red Cabbage


Viennese Gulasch Beef stew in Hungarian Paprika sauce ( fork tender chunks of beef),

served with spaetzle & vegetables

$ 13.95

Styria Plate great variety of 1 Wiener Schnitzel, 1 Bratwurst, Sauerkraut,

Potato Salad, Tomato-& Cucumber -garnish

$ 13.95

Bratwurst & Sauerkraut Bratwurst (sausage) with Home-Fries & Sauerkraut

$10.50 (one Bratwurst)   or    $ 12.50 (two Bratwurst)

Bratwurst with Home-fries two pieces of Bratwurst with Home Fries

$ 11.95

Knackwurst smoked red sausage (Veal/Pork), grilled, with Home-fries & Tomato-Cucumber salads

$ 11.95

Sausage Plate variety of one Bratwurst & one Knackwurst, served

with Sauerkraut, spaetzle & gravy

$ 12.95

Grilled or Breaded Grouper or Flounder Filet with Garlic-Butter + 2 Sides

$ 14.95



(***all Entrees include Gluten-Free Bread or Crackers)

HOUSE SALAD – lighth marinated tomato/cucumber & potato salads & romaine hearts
with honey-vinaigrette(Glutenfree Dressing), topped with bacon bites & roasted Almonds
Large $ 10.95 Small $ 8.95

GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD – grilled chicken breast served over fresh romaine hearts & potato
salad, with tomato & cucumber slices & Gluten-Free Honey-Vinaigrette Dressing
$ 12.95
FITNESS SALAD – grilled Grouper or Flounder Filet served over fresh romaine hearts & potato
salad, with tomato & cucumber slices & Gluten-Free Honey-Vinaigrette Dressing
$ 15.95
VEGGIE PLATE – mix of fresh vegetables, Home-fries, Red Cabbage, Potato Salad & Sunny Side Egg
$ 14.95
GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST with natural gravy or Garlic Butter, choose 2 sides
$ 15.95
Breaded PORK or CHICKEN Schnitzel (breaded in homemade Gluten-Free breading), choose 2 sides
$ 15.95
PARISIAN Schnitzel – pork loin dipped in egg-wash, grilled & served with cranberry sauce & 2 sides
$ 16.95
STYRIA Plate – variety of 1 Pork Wiener-Schnitzel, 1 Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Potato Salad & Garnish
$ 16.95
BRATWURST & SAUERKRAUT 2 grilled Brats with Sauerkraut & Home-fries
$ 14.95
WEISSWURST – German Veal Sausage served with Red Cabbage & Potato Salad
KNACKWURST – grilled sausage with Tomato/Cucumber Salad & Home-fries
$ 13.95
SAUSAGE PLATE – variety of one Bratwurst and one Knackwurst served with Sauerkraut & Home-fries
$ 14.95
Grilled GROUPER or FLOUNDER FILET served with 2 sides (choose from the back!)
$ 16.95
Sauteed LIVER – Vienna’s OLD WORLD Specialty, sauteed Beef Liver in delicate sauce served
with 2 sides (choose from back!)
$ 15.95

Gluten-Free Side Orders:
Sauerkraut $ 3.25
Home-fries $ 3.95
French Fries $ 2.95
Potato Salad $ 3.25
Red Cabbage $ 3.95
Vegetables $ 3.95
Cucumber Salad $ 3.25
Tomato Salad $ 3.25
Tomato/Cucumber Salad $ 3.55
Sunny Side Egg $ 1.00
Cranberry Sauce $ 1.00
Homemade Garlic Sauce $ 1.95
Apple Sauce $ 1.50

Vienna Crepes
thin homemade pancake (made with Rice Flour) served warm with Vanilla Ice Cream,
Apricot Jam, topped with Chocolate Sauce, roasted Almonds, decorated with
Whipped Cream and Fresh Fruits
$ 8.95